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1. 两岁的宝宝可以吃硬的东西吗?/ Can Two year old baby eat tough food?

2. 为什么孩子会咬人?/ Why does child sometimes bite other child?

3. 如果孩子不接受新的食物该怎么办?/ What to do if child refuse new food?

4. 孩子如何学习语言?/ How does child learn language?

5. 老师说孩子在学校很乖,但回家并不如此,妈妈该怎么办呢?/ What to do if parents find out their child behaves behaves well at school, but not at home?

6. 上学一段时间后,孩子不愿上学校了,妈妈该怎么办?/ What to do if parents find out their child refuse to go to school after being in the day care for some period?

7. 什么时候该给孩子戒尿片/ When does child give up diapers?

8. 为什么要把孩子送到托儿中心 ,而不把宝宝留在家中让保姆照顾?/ why do parents need to send child to the day care rather than just have a babysitter at home?

9. 宝宝准备上学前父母需要做些什么?/ What need to be   prepared   before the child  goes to day care?

10. 宝宝和不同年龄的孩子生活在一起有什么好处?/ What is the benefit for child to play with   other children in different ages?

11. 宝宝什么时候可以自己动手吃饭?/ When are babies able to eat by themselves?

12. 宝宝早上和父母分手时总会闹情绪,这是为什么了?/ Why do babies are in low spirits every morning when parents leave the day care?

13.  孩子在幼儿园淘气了会受到惩罚吗?/ Will children get punished in the day care if they are naughty?

14. 怎么样分辨婴儿的哭声?/ How to tell the sound of an infant's cry?

15. 选择托儿中心是规模大的还是小的好?/ Should parents choose a large day care center or a small family day care for their child?

16. 孩子回家告诉妈妈在学校被同学欺负了,父母该怎么办?/ What should parents do if the child tell them he gets bullied by his classmates in the school?

17. 为什么孩子总爱对妈妈发脾气呢?/ Why do children always  lose their tempers over their parents?

18. 为什么孩子可以在学校自己动手吃饭,回到家却不能做到?/ Why children can not eat by themselves at home, while they can at school?

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