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Why do parents need to send child to day care rather than just have a babysitter at home?

8. 为什么要把孩子送到托儿所,而不把宝宝留在家中让保姆照顾?


Based on our experience, there is significant difference between children who goes to day care before 2 years old and those who attend day care after 2 years old. Those children who attend day care earlier are more independent, more confident, more sociable, and they also are better at expressing their emotions and understanding their friends' feelings. More importantly, throughout experience in the day care, those children will acquire the skills of communicating with other people as well as the ability of problem solving, making them more confident people at a young age. If parents keep their child at home all the time, thinking the babysitters or the grandparents can take a good care of the child, it will eliminate the opportunity of being independent and confident for their child at the end.

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