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Indoor  Environment

Outdoor  Environment

We have a big living room for indoor activities which is always ventilated and bright, because we believe fresh air and sunlight is the key to keep children healthy and energetic. There are plenty interesting story books on the bookshelves, many are written in Chinese, because we hope more exposure to Chinese characters would stimulate children’s interest in Chinese.  Toys in the playroom are carefully selected for different age groups, there are different labels on toy boxes for guiding children during cleaning up. We also set up shelves and other furniture to divide the room into separate learning and play areas.

Although we have enough staffs to take care of children, we try our best to set up the day care environment that if accidents happen, the injury will still be at its minimum. It is unarguably children are natural explorers and risk takers, as they move quickly, put things in their mouths, drop or throw things, and love to climb and hide, parents start to worry about their children may get injured from daily activities.  Here, to provide a safe environment for children to play and grow, we have carefully inspected everything in the setting, fixed and discarded anything that might be a danger to children. The indoor playroom and outdoor play areas are both carefully fenced in to keep children safe.  To minimize the injury if a child accidentally falls on a toy, we discard any toys with sharp edges or made of hard material (like wood).  Outdoor playground toys are also chosen for safety purpose, they are not too tall and made of soft plastic, we also put grass carpet on outdoor playground, so children won’t get hurt if they fall.

​With an exciting and safe day care environment, we are confident to encourage children to discover and explore their interest freely without worrying about they would get injured.

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