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Education And Class Activities


Our education program includes following topic

Mandarin Learning

  • Daily conversation

  • Story reading

  • Play games

  • Read poems

  • Celebrate Chinese festivals


Basic Math

  • Finger math

  • Basic arithmetic

  • 9x9 multiplication table


Music and Movement

  • Listen to piano and violin pieces

  • Dance with nursery rhymes


Health and Safety

  • "How to wash hands properly?" workshop

  • Recognize potential danger around children (Ex. power outlet)


Social Manner

  • How to greet people, ask for help

  • Toys sharing

  • Table manners


Motor Skills Play

  • Connecting beads with string game


Creative Arts

  • Drawing

  • Painting

  • Paper cutting and folding


Discovery and Exploration

  • Learn names of different plants in the yard

  • Play with chicken and bunny

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