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Ms.Helen worked in China

Right after graduating from HuBei Normal university with B.A. Child Development and B.S. Accounting, Ms.Helen started her early childhood education career as a kindergarten teacher twenty-seven years ago in Wuhan, China. Back in 1992, early childhood education, as one of advanced ideology from western countries, was still at its developing stage in China. Traditionally, most Chinese children were taken care of by their grandparents; thus, few parents would send their children to kindergarten. Overall, the idea of early childhood education could only draw little attention from the society, and many kindergarten were forced to close because of low enrollment rates and lacking funds from the government. Because of her strong passion in early childhood education and her great love for children, Ms.Helen gave up working as an accountant (which was paid better at that time), and held on to her faith in educating young children for her whole career life. Years passed by, her enthusiasm towards child education never faded, as she was promoted to working as a kindergarten director, she still spent her time teaching children by herself and joining class activities with her fellow kindergarten teachers.

After immigrating to US in 2012, Ms.Helen co-funded and operated a family day care in Los Angeles for three years. During this time, she learned about the difference in early childhood education between US and China, as well as gained experience in operating a day care in US. In 2015, Ms.Helen moved to Bay Area from LA and funded her own day care - Albany Sunflower Day Care LLC.

Because Ms.Helen deeply understands how nervous parents could be when they decide to send their children to a new environment, she promises to make her day care a safe and novel home for all children. Her secret to operate her day care is love, as she hopes every child will grow up healthily and happily in her day care.

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