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What is the benefit for child to play with other children in different ages?

10. 宝宝和不同年龄的孩子生活在一起有什么好处?


At home, most children get all the love from their parents, which these overwhelming love sometimes spoil the child, making the child thinks he is the center of the universe, people around him should always give in to and take care of him. If there are children in different ages around the child, it will feel more like a big family to him. Most time, infants enjoy watching toddlers playing, then infants will try to imitate how toddlers play; in fact, imitation between children is usually better than any other education methods. Older children usually like infants, and they always try to imitate adults to take care of their infant friends. Having different age groups in the day care will cultivate love and compassion in children's heart, helping them to understand how to take care of others and to treasure kindness from their friends.

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