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What to do if parents find out their child refuse to go to school after being at day care for some period?



The major reason why child gets tired of school after some period is that the child's enthusiasm towards the new environment has been calmed down, new toys can no longer draw his attention; moreover, he finds out there are many rules to obey in the school which he does not have unlimited freedom like what he does at home. At this moment, parents and school should educate and enlighten the child simultaneously , encouraging the child to make new friends at school. At school, teachers will help by encouraging the child to participate more in group activities, building up more confidence by delegating the child to be a small group leader (a class monitor), helping him to find out the interest points in school life. At home, parents should also ask the child to talk about any interesting events happening in the school every day, telling the child about the benefits of going to school, and the child will soon shows his enthusiasm about going to school again.

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