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What  to do if  child refuse new food?


有些孩子很容易接受新的口味或食物,有些可能很慢,有些则会坚持一直不接受。如大人一样孩子对食物也有特别的喜好和厌恶,所以父母不应该强迫孩子去马上接受新的食物, 而是应该变换方法让孩子逐渐接受,如果孩子不喜欢吃青菜, 父母可以将青菜切碎,裹上果酱,包在孩子常吃的面包中。 其实,我们不应把用餐变成一场食物的争执,应该是用欢愉的态度提供健康的食物给孩子,带着愉快的心情享受用餐比什么都重要。

It is easy for some children to adjust to new favors and new food quickly, some may have a little hard time; however, there are still some children refusing new food all the time. Just like adults, children show their interest in different types of food; thus parents should not make (or force) their child eat new food, it will be better for parents and child if parents can figure out a way to get their child gradually accept new food. For example, if the child do not like vegetables (As we know vegetable is essential to our body), parents can change the look of vegetables by cutting them up (Children usually more focus on the look of the food rather than the actual taste), and put into bread the child usually eats after mixing it with jam. In fact, parents should not turn the meals into a dispute about food, parents should offer a healthy to their child in a happy and relaxing atmosphere, it is most important to have a meal in a happy mood.

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