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Will children get punished in the day care if they are naughty?

13.  孩子在幼儿园淘气了会受到惩罚吗?


First of all, we think "being naughty" is a nature of children, especially for boys, and it is nearly unavoidable for a child to have some dispute with another child in his daily school life, regardless what strategies we have taken to guard against dispute between children. If school aims to teach children the self-control ability, then teaching the method of how to control oneself is not a punishment, but a positive measure. Obviously, most schools and day care will follow the idea of teaching children about how to control and behave themselves by taking proper measure like: let a child sit down instead of joining the class activities for several minutes, if he just has a dispute with another child. This measure has two purpose: 1. to calm the child down, 2. to give the child an opportunity to self-examine his past behaviors.

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