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 Why children can not eat by themselves at home, while they can at school?

18. 为什么孩子可以在学校自己动手吃饭,回到家却不能做到?

通常出现这种情况原因有几种,1 小朋友可能是还没饿;2 小朋友受到环境影响,知道在学校要怎么样,在家又可以怎么样;3 在学校里孩子们会互相模仿的,他看到姐姐哥哥们能做的事情觉得自己也行;4 在学校里,课堂纪律是要遵守的,在家却没有明确的规定。

Generally speaking, there are four following reasons for this phenomenon: 1. The child may not be hungry, thus they don't want to eat. 2. Changing environment: at school teacher require children who are capable of eating by themselves to eat alone; at home, they know they don't have to eat by themselves since parents will feed them. 3. At school, children usually imitate each other, when the child see his bigger friends eating by themselves, he thinks he can also do it. 4. There are more rules to follow at school; and unlike at home, time for dinner can vary from 5pm to 9pm, all school activities (study, plan, lunch, nap) are all well scheduled; thus, children know what to do clearly at different time.

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