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Why does  child sometimes bite other child?



It is quite common to see a child to have dispute with another child; however, it will be painful and frightened for both the child and parents if there are children biting in the day care. The major reason for a child to bite (other children) may due to growing teeth, having desire to explore environment through mouth and teeth, getting angry, or trying to protect himself. As a high quality day care, we will first treat the child wound carefully as well as appease the victim's feelings, if a biting incident occurs in the day care. Then we will tell the child who bites "Please do not bite your friend, it is very painful, as you see he is crying now", we will also be very carefully to comfort the child who bites since we do not want to frighten that child. In the same afternoon, we will report this incident to both children's parents: we will let the victim's parents know our attitude and solution to this type incident without telling the name of the child who bites, since our hope is to find out the best way to prevent this type of incident from happening, not to get the victim's parent having negative feeling about someone's child. Then we will also discuss the reason and solution with the other side's parents to get more information about why the child bits as well as cooperate with the parents to further prevent this type of behaviors from happening.

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