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Why  are babies in low spirits every morning when parents leave the day care?

12. 宝宝早上和父母分手时总会闹情绪,这是为什么了?

宝宝和父母分离时常常表现为哭闹 、紧抱父母、或不愿意下车, 这些所有的表现都会让父母伤心难过,而父母的情绪过分流露孩子也会感受到,这些互相影响的作用让孩子更难舍难离,孩子有可能会每天以这种方式去试探父母,希望父母会名留一会或留下不走,当老师遇到这种情况,他们都会有各种方法去协助父母把这种状况改善。所以父母和学校之间多沟通多交流是非常重要的。

Many children always cry loudly, hold their parents' arms tightly, or refuse to leave the car when parents are going to work. These behaviors usually upset parents, causing parents not want to leave their children; accordingly, it makes even harder for children to be apart from their parents after children sense their parents emotions. Children may feel out their parents every day through crying every day, hoping their parents can stay longer or not leave them. When we meet this type of situation, we will find all kinds of ways to help parents; thus, it is very important for parents to communicate with us about the child's situation often.

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