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When does child give up diapers?



In most cases, child will switch to small toilets successfully between age 2.5 yrs to 3 yrs, some children show their interest in small toilets even at younger age. Some parents affirm that they find out evidences of their under 1 year old child is able to use small toilets, asserting their child has been successfully potty trained. In fact, the evidence parents find out is closer to an occasional case than a regular habit; in most cases, it is that parents happen to find out  their child sits on small toilets, pooping unintentionally, rather than the child has thought on using the small toilet. There are some signs about when a child is ready for potty train; for example, being able to walk by himself, can sit on and get off from chair by himself, can keep diapers dry for several hours, being able to follow some simple orders, feeling uncomfortable when diaper is wet. Usually, girls show up these signs earlier than boys.

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