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What to do if parents find out thier child behaves well at school, but not at home?



Many parents may always ignore the fact that most family environment lacks consistent habit and time schedule usually confuses children; for example, parents usually ask their children to eat up quickly and then play by himself while parents sit around dinner table, keep talking to promote emotions, and barely eat. These unclear family habits and unwritten rules makes it very hard for a young child to make choice on which to follow; therefore, parents should set up clear rules at home and tell their child what is allowed and what is forbidden; more importantly, parents  should always adhere to those rules and can not change those rules just by their mood. In addition, parents should always talk to teachers if they find out the child does not behave himself at home; since teacher may know more on how to help child in maintaining good behavior and give parents helpful advice on how to maintain good behaviors at home.

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