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Why do children always  lose their tempers over their mother?

17. 为什么孩子总爱对妈妈发脾气呢?


Mother plays an irreplaceable role in child development, thus children usually show an extremely strong emotional dependence over their mothers. Generally speaking, we all know that whenever children are upset, in trouble, or seeking for help, the image of mother will come to children first. Therefore, mothers should be aware that they need to let their child know that there are still many people other than her like father, grandparents, teachers and friends love him too. Mother should avoid the situation that her child get too emotionally dependent on her, since extreme dependence will turn mothers into their child's doormat; if the child develops a habit of losing temper over his mother whenever he is unsatisfied, it will be extremely hard for mother to educate her child in the future. It is not wise to blindly spoil the child whenever the child gets into trouble or feel unsatisfied, and mother should let her child view her a compass who can guide the child wisely instead of an umbrella the child can hide under whenever they are in trouble.

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