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How does child learn language?

4. 孩子如何学习语言?


A baby start to hear the sound, rhythm, and tone of language when they are still in mother's belly. New born baby is able to distinguish the feature of any language and they are also ready to learn language. Between age 6 months to 1 year old, a baby is capable of distinguishing his own language environment from other languages, and most babies start to notice there is a meaning in the sound (language) he hears everyday. A 18 month to a 2 year old baby can speak some overlapping words, and they can speak some simple sentence after 2 years old. Children usually learn language through their social experience (like playing with their friends), and most communication does not involve language, but using actions, expressions and tone to express the meanings. Therefore, when we try to communicate with children, we will listen attentively, observe carefully, respond enthusiastically, and imagine affluently; moreover, we will try to imitate their language to encourage their interest of language learning.

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