We Teach From Heart

我们主要使用中文作为幼儿园的教学语言。我们不只提供给孩子们的日常照顾,我们更重视对孩子们早期的教育。因为我们相信孩子们在初期发展的人格,学习习惯,和自主能力能够对他们的未来产生巨大的影响。 我们会用游戏的教学方式引导孩子们如何在日常生活中使用中文, 并且我们也会用基本的英语与孩子们沟通。因此孩子们能够学会如何用两种语言进行听,说,读,写。这样就可以提供给孩子们一个通向未来发展的扎实基础。

As a professional Family Child Care Provider, I am committed to providing high quality care in a home environment. Family Child Care offers children the opportunity to learn and grow with siblings and children in a mixed age group. Studies show that this is the optimum environment for learning. Working closely with each child and his/her family from infancy through the toddler years provides continuity and stability which allows me to better nurture and support your child as they grow and develop.

Since I came from China, I decide to teach Mandarin in my day care. Through my college education, I learned about children who have learned a second language at a young age demonstrate cognitive advantages, such as increased problem-solving skills and creativity. Children also develop an interest in and curiosity about different cultures and ideas when they have a foundation in other languages. This makes them more comfortable growing up in our increasingly global society, where languages and cultures intersect every day. There are more benefits towards learning a second language, and I hope parents can encourage their children to explore their language potentials.